Gifts For Sale

Various Gifts available including handmade Crystal Jewellery, pendulums, Oracle Cards, T-Lite holders, Oil Burners, Angels, Buddhas, Incense, NYR Organics and much more:




For your health and healing many tumbled and rough Crystals presented, handmade Himalayan Singing Bowls, Salt Lamps from the Himalayas and Selenite Lamps:



Large range of tumbled &    Handmade Singing Bowls  Salt Lamps:                 

rough crystals from 20p.      from Nepal. Prices range     Rough=2-3kg £20/3-5kg £30 Angels, T-Lites, clusters      from £25 to £80.                    6-8kg £40, Aroma £25,                                                                                                                Ball £25, Bowl £35



Chakra Banners:                   Crystal Grids - Wooden:        Buddhas: Thai & Chinese 

Handstitched in cotton:        Large 18cm x 18cm £12        Made from resin/wood/china

Medium 65cm x 11cm £25  Small 14cm x 14cm £10        Various sizes 

Large 104cm x 17cm £40    Includes a bag and full           Prices from £6 to £40 

Chakra Squares :                  instructions. Choice of two

10cm x 9cm £4.50 each       designs.  Bag of 9 crystals,

Set of seven -  £25                citrine point & Chakra card £5.


Individual prices on request. Why not come and visit my therapy room to see the full range of gifts where you can browse at your leisure over a cup of coffee.  Contact me to make an appointment. Or if you cannot visit I can post to you.  Payment by Cash, Bank Transfer or Cheque. Credit/Debit Card payments for over £20.